Bodyshot bomber red

Art of the Bomber in red.

"Boom!" -Bomber

The Bomber is a class in Teamhood. He is equipped with deadly explo- sive weapons and armor against explosions.


The Bomber is an American young man with robotic implants in his body. His right arm, right side of the chest and right side of his head are robotic, making him a cyborg. He wears a  strap of C4's (entirely cosmetic), and a hard armor vest. He has a belt and black boots and gloves.


He loves explosives. Like, he really loves them. He has a disorder that makes him calm only if he can blow something up. If he can't blow something up, he (long story short) becomes an absolute berserker.


In-game the Bomber is a strong class against Builders. You are able of shooting multiple kinds of explosives to demolish both enemies and their buildings. He moves at 92% speed, so he is ideal in being behind the very frontal forces assisting them. Reloads can be lengthy, so it's best ducking for cover when running out of ammo, and then pop back to help mates out.

Starting WeaponsEdit


  • He is the only left-handed character.
  • He likes to polish his metal parts with a product called Dud's Drywax.
  • He is the third youngest character. Only the Rusher and the Tricker are younger.
  • He is the only cyborg character.
  • The robotic parts on him costed around 16,000 dollars.