There are nine classes in Teamhood. They all have unique models and weapons. You gain XP to every class individually, and you can have weapons and gadgets that are either for all classes or for only a few of them.



The Gunner is a heavy class that is best used to lock down areas or hallways and mow down enemies. The Gunner's weapons are usually not very accurate but deal great damage. The Gunner is the slowest but also the strongest class. Gunners are good at supporting attacks or defenders. He can put down ammo packages.


The Jetter has a jetpack he can move around with. Basic military weapons and tactical usage of the jetpack are a great mix to do well. The Jetter's weapons are norm assault rifles that are very balanced considering accuracy, damage and rate of fire. Jetters are good at distracting and flanking enemies.


The Sniper is the ultimate class for stealth and one-hit-kills. The rifles needing extreme accuracy but having high kill potential, accurate players can moaw down whole enemy teams. Stealth technology allows the Sniper to become seethrough if stationary, making him harder to see if enemies don't look carefully enough. The Sniper suit also always fits the enviroment, looking similiar to your surroundings. He can place down motion sensors that warns him about nearby enemies.


The Healer is the caretaker of other troops fighting on the field. He doesn't have effective weapons to deal damage to enemies. He can place down autohealers and give healing injections to player, as well as steal enemy players health and give it to your teammates.


The Rusher is the speediest class of all. He has quick weapons that are great for hit-and-run attacks. He is great for scouting and he can place down devices that beep when enemies are visible to it. He has very low health but he can dogde bullets by jumping sideways.


The Bomber is the most destructive class. He has explosive weapons and strong resistance against explosive damage. He can place down explosives crates and blow up enemy buildings more effectively than any other class.


The Poisoner is really the class for you if you like to take out enemies slowly and painfully. The Poisoner can spew poisonous gas at his enemies and throw poison bottles that explode and make a huge cloud of gas that both stuns and kills enemies. He is completely immune to poison himself, making lurking inside gas clouds a perfect plan.


The Tricker is the class to do tricks with, for real. You can use your dagger, dual pistols and throwing knives to really annoy and play tricks on your enemies. You can also use your CloakTron to turn into an object or create of clone of yourself that goes around you and distracts enemies.


The Builder is the one to do a rockhard base with. You can build small walls, turrets, sensors and helpers. You can upgrade them and make tactical combinations with walls and turrets. The helpers will give you resources to build and upgrade your buildings. The sensors beep when they see enemies and make tricker's visible if they are near the sensor.


  • The Jetter was originally going to be named Soldier, but the development team thought it wasn't iconic enough for the "dude with the jet pack".
  • All of the classes names end "er".