"I used to work for Best Control. I was good at it, but it was a boring job. I decided to... eh, move onto bigger pests." -Poisoner

Poisoner is a class in Teamhood. He is equipped with venomous weapons and resistance against poisoning.


The Poisoner wears a one-piece protective suit, that protects him from poisoning. The mask has a plexiglass part that the Poisoner can see through, yet you can't see the poisoners face. He has a strap around his torso, but there isn't anything on it by default. He has a little bottle or air on his back that has a pipe that leads to the back of the mask. He also has another bottle with poisonous acid in it that leads to his gun. He wears rubber gloves and boots.


Because of his mask, his voice is very mumbly. This annoys him, because no one knows what he says most of the time. He doesn't fear any little pests, since he's used to then. As of his personality, he likes keeping it calm. Just poison an enemy and sit down watch him choke to death.


The poisoner moves at 100% speed, so he is ideal in working in the front line. The best tactic is to flank around enemies, and cause chaos in their lines. You cannot harm bots with your Poisongun though, so make sure you are out of their way.

Starting WeaponsEdit


  • Even though resembeling the Pyro from Team Fortress 2 a lot, since he uses inhumane ways of killing enemies and speaks unclearly, he isn't actually a maniac in any way.