The Poisongun.

"It was fairly cheap at the Best Pest store, t'be honest. The only thing I had to do is a little tinkerin'" -Poisoner

The Poisongun is a starting weapon for the Poisoner. It is a gun that shoots green liquid, which eventually turns into a gas cloud in front of the player. The gas both directly damages enemies, and causes poisoning, which damages the enemy even more. It has a great firing speed and good ammo capacity, but is very limited in terms of range.


The poisongun is a weapon that only remains effe
Stats poisongun

The stats of the Poisongun.

ctive if your enemies are very close to you, so the best tactics are lurking behind corners and objects, and waiting until an enemy comes by. Since there is no reloads, you don't have to leave time for that, but even though you have 200 drips of gas in your tank, this can run out if you can't find ammo packs. Hitting multiple enemies causes poisoning for all of them, so just spraying the posion all over the place is a decent tactic.


The poisongun has multiple shades of gray on it. It has a tank on top of it, and the pipe from the bottle on the player's back leads to that. It also has a white trigger. When you wield this weapon for the first time, the character turns the pipe so that it's tightly connected to the tank.