The Rocket Launcher.

"You can mess with me, but you ain't messin' with my launcher" -Bomber

The Rocket Launcher is a primary starting weapon for the Bomber. It is an explosive weapon that shoots rockets, that fly through the air without losing it's speed or falling down. The rocket spins around a bit, so the shots are not always dead accurate. The rocket launcher does aerial damage, causing more damage if the rocket hits closer to the enemy.
Stats rocketlauncher

The basic stats of the Rocket Launcher.


Since the weapon only holds one rocket at once, reloads are frequent. They are relatively fast, but leave you vulnerable for more than two seconds, so the Rocket Launcher is not the best weapon in the middle of all action. The best tactic would be shooting out of cover, and getting back to cover to reload and then pop back up again to shoot. A direct hit can deal enough damage to nearly kill a Tricker and a Rusher in a single shot, so it can be a reliable tactic to first shoot them once with the Rocket Launcher, and then start killing them with your secondary weapon.


The weapon has a green finish, and an orange trigger. You can see the red-and-yellow rocket inside the barrel. There is a mechanism under the tip of the barrel that can be flipped to cover the barrel. When you first equip the weapon, the character will flip the cover down. When you shoot, flames come out of the back of the weapon. These flames actually inflict 5 damage to an enemy player if he is standing right behind the player. This is however everything but a good way of killing enemies. The reload animation features the player turning the launcher and pushing a new rocket in with his left hand. After that the player shakes the launcher back to get the rocket in and then puts it back to it's original position.